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Ahlia University


To admit new students to join a programme at Ahlia University.
2.1 Admission to any academic programme in Ahlia University requires obtaining a certificate of completion of secondary school or equivalent certificates.
2.2 Admission to any Ahlia academic programme is competitive by the number of vacant seats in each programme.
2.3 The admission office will process the application and provide the applicant with all relevant information about the programme, fees, etc...

3.1 Applicant fills in the Ahlia application form and hands it in to the Admissions Officer in addition to the following documents:

3.1.1 Four recent passport size photographs.
3.1.2 Photocopy of the first page of the applicant's passport and CPR/ID card.
3.1.3 An endorsed copy of the applicant's secondary school certificate.
3.1.4 An official transcript of school grades for the last three years of secondary school.
3.1.5 An endorsed copy of the applicant's diploma (for postgraduate students).
3.1.6 An official University transcript (for transfer postgraduate students)
3.1.7 Results of English language proficiency tests, TOFEL or SAT, if available.
3.1.8 A non-refundable fee of BD 20 for undergraduate programmes and BD 40 for postgraduate programmes.

3.2 The Admissions Officer checks the completed form and other attached documents and enters the application form into ADREG system.

3.3 The Admissions Officer creates a new file for the applicant.

3.4 The applicant's file is taken to the Admission committee headed by the university president for evaluation purposes and to issue an order approving the request to accept the applicant's enrollment or rejection.

3.5 The files of Transferred students are taken to the Transfer and Exemption committee t be evaluated (please refer to External Transfer Procedure).

3.6 The Admissions Officer issues a letter of acceptance - in case of acceptance of the application - or issues a letter of rejection - in case of rejection of the application.

3.7 The Admissions Officer calls the student or sends a text message to the applicant to notice him/her of the approval of his/her application.

3.8 The new student attends to receive the acceptance letter from the Admissions Officer and to complete the confirmation of acceptance by paying the confirmation fees. If the student didn't confirm the acceptance in the semester that he accepted in, the acceptance will be valid for one year from the date of application.

3.9 The student's file is taken to the department to assign an academic advisor to the student to be responsible for him/her during his/her study at the university and to direct him/her and help to end his/her programme smoothly and efficiently.

3.10 The Admissions Officer provides the applicant with all necessary information relating to the program that he/she accepted in, the duration of the program, the fees, the graduation requirements, the grading system, teaching methods, the different university services, etc. In the case of special needs applicant, the applicant is evaluated by the student counselor before his/her application is processed to see if the university can support his/her special needs or handicap.

3.11 The Admission Officer will issue a student ID card for thae new student and submit it to him/her.
Academic  Ahlia University offers a wide range of academic programmes and a variety of comprehensive resources to support your learning experience.
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