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Amberton University


How much is tuition?
Amberton University offers the lowest tuition of any private university in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Tuition is $705 for each 3 credit hour course. This is a flat fee which applies to both undergraduates and graduates, Texas residents, out-of-state, and electronic students. Amberton does not have additional fees for supplementary services such as parking, use of building, use of computer lab, etc. For a complete, current listing of costs, see the Financial Information page .

What types of programs does Amberton offer?
Both undergraduate and graduate programs can be found in the Catalog . The Catalog can be found under "Current Students" and "Future Students" in the menu under the heading "Forms and Publications".

When does Amberton's next session begin?
Session and registration dates can be found on the Schedule of Classes  page.  The Schedule of Classes can be found under "Current Students" and "Future Students" in the menu  under the heading "Forms and Publications".

How do I register for courses at Amberton?
See the How to Register page under "Current Students" and "Future Students" in the menu.

Where are the Catalog and Schedule of Classes?
You can click the following links to get to the Catalog  and Schedule of Classes .
Alternatively you can find these links in the menu under "Current Students" and "Future Students" under the heading "Forms and Publications".

Where can I find the Admission Application and the Registration and Change of Schedule forms?
The Admission Application can be found under "Future Students" and then under "Forms and Publications in the menu.
The Registration and Change of Schedule forms can be found under "Current Students" and then under "Forms and Publications" in the menu.

How do I find out when the course I need is offered next?
A course rotation schedule is available under "Courses" in the menu.

Where do I find the competencies I will learn for a certain course?
Compentencies for undergraduate and graduate courses can be found under "Courses" then "Course Descriptions" in the menu and in the Catalog .

Where is the form I need to request a copy of my transcript?
The form to request your transcript can be found under "Current Students" and then under "Forms and Publications" in the menu.

What are Amberton's business hours?
Business hours and phone numbers can be found on the "Contact Us " page under "Contact Us" in the menu.

Where is the form I use to notify Amberton of an address change?
The Change of Address  Form can be found under "Current Students" and then under "Forms and Publications" in the menu.

I have some questions I would like to communicate via e-mail. Where do I find a list of Amberton e-mail addresses?
Email addresses can be found on the "Contact Us " page under "Contact Us" in the menu.  

Prior to registering for classes in a given session, new students should be sure to fill out an Application for Admission .  For more information on applying to Amberton University please click here.

Review course syllabi  before enrolling.

Complete and return the "Request for Enrollment Form " (click here for a Schedule of Classes ). The form may be mailed, faxed (            972/279-9773      ) or placed in any one of the University's Garland Campus drop boxes or delivered to the Frisco Center. This form may be submitted with your Application for Admission.

NOTE: The course load is limited to: Undergraduate -- 12 hours; Graduate -- 9 hours

Once the University receives the Enrollment Request, the registration completion packet should be mailed to you within five (5) working days. If the packet is not received within a reasonable time, please call the University (            972-279-6511      , Ext. 180) to report the problem.

Carefully READ and FOLLOW the instructions included with registration completion packet. Return the completed forms to the University by the indicated due date. Your registration will be subject to cancellation if the forms and payment arrangements are not received by the deadline. You should receive a confirmation of registration by mail within five (5) working days.

NOTE: Students who do not complete the registration process before the first day of the session may enroll during late registration. A $25 late fee is applied and enrollment is confined to lecture classes that have not yet met and for e-courses.

Students registering for distance learning follow the same procedures stated above. Access to the Virtual University, including email accounts, is available on the first day of the session.

     a. are over 21 years of age, and
     b. have successfully completed academic work from an accredited college or university, and
     c. are in good standing from the last institution attended OR
     d. are a returning student after three years absence.

International students should review the "International Student Admission Requirements " before applying for admission.

Return the application to Amberton University. This will begin the admission procedures. Within a week, you should receive a letter advising you of your admission status to the University. You do not have to wait for this letter in order to register. During the registration period you may submit your application for admission and your registration form at the same time.

Select the course(s) you want to take and complete the Request for Enrollment Form  (click here for a Schedule of Classes ). Either mail or fax the form to Amberton University or place it in either of the University Drop Boxes located in front of the Student Services Office both inside and outside the building. You should receive a verification of your registration within five (5) days. Follow the directions in the registration packet to complete the registration process.

If you are a degree-seeking student and have attended other universities, you will need to have official transcripts sent to Amberton University for evaluation. Transcript request forms are provided for your convenience in the Student Services Office. As transcripts are received, they will be evaluated. You will receive a copy of the assessment in the form of an Electronic Transfer of Credit Report (ETCR). The ETCR can then be used to prepare a degree plan using the electronic system. Graduate students who have completed a standard graduate entrance examination (GRE, GMAT, MAT) in the last six years may want to provide an official copy of their scores (not required).

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