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NED University of Engineering and Technology

Our university

The NED University of Engineering and technology is the oldest institution now in Pakistan for teaching and turning out Graduate Engineers; it is in the Public Sector – i.e. Government owned – having begun initially as an Engineering College in 1922 established by subscriptions from private donors. The University retains the initials in honour of the principal donor for that College – Nadirshaw Edulji Dinshaw in its name! Like other such Government owned institutions in developing countries, it has had over the years to overcome various handicaps ranging from shortage of funds to “brain drain” of Faculty Members as well as students. Nevertheless, because of its transparent admission policy which has established its reputation over the years, it attracts the best students – including even some foreigners lacking resources for seeking admission in Universities of developed countries!
This University presently offers undergraduate programmes in nineteen (19) Engineering disciplines along with one each in Architecture and in Information Technology. It is also presently offering twenty-seven (27) Master’s level postgraduate programmes; this number is also increasing each year. At present, the programmes for Doctoral studies are restricted to Faculty Members; this university is implementing its wide-ranging Development Programme in which its demands for Faculty Development are of such intensity that they leave no room for offering Doctorate programmes for external candidates.
The independent Internet Facility installed in June 1999 was the first of its kind – making this University an independent Internet Service Provider for internal usage. This facility has since been augmented by the PERN facility provided by the Higher Education Commission and supplemented by the portal facility for usage by all its Departments. This University has also been one of – if not the very first – in establishing liaison with industries, public utilities and companies engaged in Consultancy and Construction activities. These efforts have greatly facilitated and also extended its scope for students obtaining gainful employment almost immediately after graduation. This University can thus – without pretending to possess the ability to provide its students the same facilities as in developed countries – certainly offer them intellectual challengers in competing with students possessing abilities of level equal to if not sometimes higher than those in developed countries.

contact us

NED University of Engineering & Technology
University Road, Karachi - 75270, Pakistan
Telephone : (92-21) 99261261-8
Fax : (92-21) 99261255
VC Office
Vice Chancellor 2242
Engr. Abul Kalam M.A, B.Sc,
F.I.E.T., F.I.Mech.E,
PS to Vice Chancellor 2396
Mr. Mumtaz Hussain
PA to Vice Chancellor 2242
Mr. Umer Nisar

PVC Office
Pro Vice Chancellor-I 99261247
Prof. Dr. Muzzaffar Mahmood B.E. (Mech.), M.Sc.(UK),
FIE (Pak)
PA to PVC-I 2346
Mr. Khawar Jamil Uddin
Pro Vice Chancellor-II 99261211
Prof. Dr. Sahibzada Farooq Ahmad Rafeeqi B.E.(Civil),
M.S.(KFUPM, Saudi Arabia),
Ph.D.(Heriot-Watt University, U.K.)
PA to PVC-II 2253
Mr.Irfan Ali

Dean Civil Engineering & Architecture (CEA) Office
Dean Civil Engineering & Architecture (CEA ) 2203
Prof. Dr. Sarosh Hashmat Lodi
PA to Dean CEA
Mr. Muhammad Ismail

Dean Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering (MME) Office
Dean Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering (MME) 2329
Prof. Dr. Nazimuddin Qureshi
B.Sc, B.E (Mech),
M.S. (USA),
Ph.D. (USA),
CMfgE (SME),
Mem. IE (Pak)
P.A to Dean MME 2329
Mr. Abdul Hameed Mohiuddin

Dean Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE) Office
Dean Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE) 2390
Prof. Dr. Talat Altaf B.Sc Engg. (Hons),
M.Sc (Elect)(Aligarh),
Ph.D. (UK),
P.A to Dean ECE 2390
Mr. Wasim Khan

Dean Information Sciences & Humanities (ISH) Office
Dean Information Sciences & Humanities (ISH) 2204
Prof. Dr. Mahmood Khan Pathan M.Sc. (Pure Maths),
M.A. (Applied Maths),
LL.B, Ph.D. (London)
P.A to Dean ISH 2204
Mr. Muhammad Ahmed Saeed

Dean Chemical & Process Engineering (CPE) Office
Dean Chemical and Process Engineering (CPE) 2323
Prof. Dr. Muhammad Tufail B.E. (Mech); M.Sc (UK); Ph.D. (UK);
Mem. ASME;
Asso. Mem. IMechE;
Mem. ASM; Mem. PEC.

Dean Bio-Medical Engineering (BME) Office
Dean Bio-Medical Engineering (BME) 99261247
Prof. Dr. Muzzaffar Mahmood B.E. (Mech.), M.Sc.(UK),
FIE (Pak)

Department of Civil Engineering
Chairman 2205
Prof. Dr. Asad-ur-Rehman Khan
B.E. (Civil) NED;
M.S. (Civil) KFUPM, Saudi Arabia;
Ph.D. King Fahd Univ. of Petro. & Min, KSA
Co-Chairman 2413
Prof. Dr. Muhammad Masood Rafi B.E. (Civil) NED;
M.Sc. (Civil) NED;
Ph.D. University of Ulster, UK

Department of Petroleum Engineering
Chairman 99261210
Prof. Dr. Abid Murtaza Khan
Ph.D. Seoul National University, S. Korea

Department of Architecture & Planning
Chairman 99213058

Prof. Dr. Noman Ahmed

B. Arch (1989),
M.C.P. (METU, Ankara-Turkey), MPCATP,
Ph.D. (Loughborough, UK) AIAP
Prof. Dr. Anila Naeem B. Arch (NED); MS in Restoration, (METU-Ankara),
(Cert. in Stone Conservation,

Department of Environmental Engineering
Chairman 2211
Prof. Dr. Asif Ahmed Shaikh

B.E. (Civil) NED
M.Engg. (Civil)
Nagasaki University, Japan
Ph.D. Nagasaki University, Japan

Department of Urban & Infrastructure Engineering
Chairman 2354
Prof. Dr. Mir Shabbar Ali
B.E. (Civil) NED
M.S. (Civil) University of Oklahoma, USA
Ph.D. University of Birmingham, UK

Department of Mechanical Engineering
Chairman (Acting) 2206
Dr. Mubashir Ali Siddiqui B.E. (Mech); M.S. (USA);Ph.D(USA)

Department of Textile Engineering
Chairman 2279

Dr. Khalid Pasha

Ph.D (Textiles) UK.

Department of Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering
Chairman 2410
Prof. Dr. Syed Amir Iqbal
B.E (Mech); M.E (Mfg.) Ph.D.(UK)

Department of Automotive & Marine Engineering Department
Chairman (Acting) 2239
Dr.-Ing. Syed Mushahid Hussain Hashmi
Ph.D. (Germany);
M.Sc. (Mechanical), NED;
B.E. (Mechanical)

Department of Electrical Engineering
Chairman 2207
Prof. Dr. Saad Ahmed Qazi B.E (Elect), M.Sc. (DSP),
Ph.D (UK)

Department of Computer & Information Systems Engineering
Chairperson 2237
Prof. Dr. Qurat-ul-Ain Tariq

PhD (Computer Science), University of Newcastle (UK)
M.Engg. (Computer Systems)
BE (Computer Systems)
Engr. Dr. Shehzad Hasan M.Engg (Computer Systems)
BE (Computer Systems)

Department of Electronic Engineering
Chairman 2270
Prof. Dr. Syed Shoaib Hassan Zaidi Ph.D (University of New Mexico)
Prof. Dr. Attaullah Khawaja Ph.D (Comp & Info. Sys)
M.Engg (EE)
B.E (Electrical)
Co-Chairperson (Telecommunication Engineering) 2231
Dr. Humera Noor Ph.D (Computer Systems)
M.S. (Computer Engineering)
B.E. (Computer Systems)

Department of Computer Science & Information Technology
Chairman 2399

Prof. Dr. Najmi Ghani Haider

Ph.D. (Brunel, UK),
B.Sc (Hons) Electronic Engineering (Hull, UK)
Dr.Sohail Abdul Sattar M.Sc. (Computer Science, NED),
MCS (Computer Science, University of Karachi),
B.E. (Mech., NED),

Department of Mathematics
Chairman 2609
Dr. Mirza Mahmood Baig  
M.Sc. (Maths) (UoK)
M.Sc. (Comp. Science) NED UET
Ph.D (Comp. Science) NED UET

Department of Physics
Chairman 2209
Prof. Dr. Saqib Anjum  
B. Sc. (Hons) (UoK),
M. Sc (UoK), M. Phil (UoK),
Ph. D. (UK),
M. InstP (UK), Member KPS,
Member PS3T, Islamabad.

Department of Chemistry
Chairman 2209
Prof. Dr. Saqib Anjum  
B. Sc. (Hons) (UoK),
M. Sc (UoK), M. Phil (UoK),
Ph. D. (UK),
M. InstP (UK), Member KPS,
Member PS3T, Islamabad.

Department of Humanities & Management
Chairperson 2208
Prof. Nasreen Mujahida Ahsan
B.A. (Hons) English (Pakistan)
M.A. English,
M.Phil Educatoin,

Department of Materials Engineering
Chairman 2388
Prof. Dr. Ashraf Ali BE (Metallurgical Engg.) NED UET
Ph.D. (Materials and Science of Metallurgy)
University of Cambridge, England

Department of Metallurgical Engineering
Chairman (Acting) 2405
Prof. Dr. Muhammad Tufail B.E. (Mech); M.Sc (UK); Ph.D. (UK);
Mem. ASME;
Asso. Mem. IMechE;
Mem. ASM; Mem. PEC.

Department of Chemical Engineering
Chairman 2286
Prof. Dr. Inayatullah Memon
Ph.D Chemical Engg, England.
B.E Chemical Engg NEDUET

Department of Polymer & Petrochemical Engineering
Chairman (Acting) 2329
Prof. Dr. Inayatullah Memon
Ph.D Chemical Engg, England.
B.E Chemical Engg NEDUET

Department of Bio-Medical Engineering
Chairperson 99230601
Prof. Neelofur Master
B. Sc. (Chemistry, Zoology, Botany)
B.S. Chemistry
M.S. Chemistry (U.S.A.)

Administrative Departments

Registrar Office
Registrar 2201
Engr. Javed Aziz Khan
B.E. (Civil); M.E. (Envi. Engg), AIT Bangkok
Deputy Registrar (Academic) 2221
Mr. Syed Arshad Hassan
Deputy Registrar (Establishment) 2244
Syed Imtiaz Ahmed

Deputy Registrar (Coordination) 2245
Mr. Javaid Pervaiz
Deputy Registrar (Security & General) 2342
Mr. Jamal Akhter
Assistant Registrar (Establishment-I) 2241
Mr. Muhammad Jawed
Assistant Registrar (Establishment-II) 2441
Mr. Ali Muhammad Memon
Assistant Registrar (Security & General) 2251
Mr. Amir Naseer
Assistant Registrar (Academic-I) 2285
Ms. Tabish Rehman
Assistant Registrar (Academic-II) 2443
Mr. Khalid Mahmood Makhdoom
Assistant Registrar (Coordination) 2442
Mr. Javed Ahmed
I.T. Manager (Jr. Scale) 2443
Mr. Obaid Ahmed Qidwai
I.T. Manager (Jr. Scale) 2525/2373
Mr.Muhammad Haris Islam

Directorate of Finance
Director Finance 2202
Mr. Muhammad Sajeeruddin ACMA
Deputy Director Finance (Funds) 2291
Mr. Abdul Wahab
Deputy Director Finance (Accounts) 2219
Mr. Syed Sarwar Imtiaz
IT Manager Sr. 2370
Mr. Zubair Uddin
Assistant Director Finance (Purchase) 2220
Mr. Syed Muhammad Hasan Shamsie
Assistant Director Finance (Accounts) 2294
Mr. Naeem Akhtar Abro
Assistant Director Finance (Funds) 2359
Ms. Sadaf Sarfaraz Khan
Assistant Director Finance (Budget) 2292
Mr. S. Najam Hasan Naqvi
Assistant Director Finance (Coordination) 2292
Mr. S. M. Hasan Shamsie
IT Manager Jr. 2370
Mr. Mirza Baber Baig
IT Manager Jr. 2370
Mr. Mr. Muhammad Raza-ul-Hassan

Examinations Department
Controller of Examinations   2210
Prof. Akhtar Nadyme BS (EE) (Turkey),
MS (EE) (Turkey)
Dy. Controller of Examinations 2496
Mr. Syed Rafiq ul Hoda
IT Manager (Sr.) 2255
Mr. Ishtiaque Ahmed
Assistant Controller of Examinations (Result) 2296
Mr. Naushad Ahmed
Assistant Controller of Examinations (Internal) 2298

Assistant Controller of Examinations (External) 2289
Mr. Shaikh Sabir Alam
Assistant Controller of Examinations (Degree) 2288
Ms. Fariha Fahmeen Maqsood

I.T. Department
Director, I.T. Department; 2321
Mr. Zahid Nazir Ahmed
Senior Manager (Research & Development) 2372
Ms. Hafsa Mustafa BE (Electrical),
MS (Electrical), USA
Senior Manager (Information System & Software) 2376
Ms. Faiza Sohail B.E. (Computer Systems) , NEDUET
Ag. Senior Manager (Network & Hardware) 2444
Mr. Danish ur Rehman Khan B.E. (Computer Systems) , NEDUET

Directorate of Planning & Projects
Director Planning & Projects
Engr. Ashfaq Ahmed Khan B. Sc., B. Sc. Engg. (Civil)
Member S.A.M.E. (U.S.A.); P.E.
Joint Director Planning & Projects  
Mr. Yousuf Masood Naqvi M. Sc (Civil Engg)
Deputy Director Procurement (Acting)
Mr. Yasir Raza M. Sc (Civil Engg)
Assistant Director Planning  
Mr. Yasir Raza M. Sc (Civil Engg)
Assistant Director Projects
Haseeb Ansari B. E.(Civil Engg)

Central Library
Chief Librarian  
Ms. Meher Yasmeen B.A. (KU),
D.L.S. (KU),
M.L.S (KU)

Services Department
Controller of Services
2213, 2336
Syed Wasiuddin B. E. (Civil); M. Engg. (Env.)
Dy. Controller of Services (Electrical)
2344, 2320
Engr. Arif Khambaty B. E. (Electronic); M.S (CIS)
Dy. Controller of Services (Civil)
Engr. Khurshid Akhter B. E. (Civil); M. Engg. (Env.)
Manager Central Store
Mr. Saqib Anis B. E. (Mechanical); M. Engg. (Mechanical)
Warden (Boys Hostel) / Secretary Allotment Committee
Mr. Syed Muhammad Tarique M. A. (Economics)
Warden (Girls Hostel)
Ms. Shaheen Atiq Master (Library Info. Sc.)
Transport Officer
2213, 2248
Mr. Shaoib Waqar

Provost Office
Provost Office
Syed Wasiuddin B.E (Civil),  M.Engg.(Env.)

Audit Department
Resident Auditor
Mr. Syed Abul Quasim S.A.S.

ISO 9000 Implementation Cell
MR ISO 9000
Prof. Dr. Syed Amir Iqbal B.E (Mech); M.E (Mfg.) Ph.D.(UK)
DMR ISO 9000
Dr. Qurat-ul Ain Tariq PhD (Comp Sc) University of Newcastle (UK);
M.Engg (Comp Systems); BE (Comp Systems)
Dr. Rameez Khalid B.E. (Mech); M.S. (France); Ph.D(France)

Secretary AS&RB
Dr. Saad Ahmed Qazi BE. (Elect), M.Sc (DSP),
Ph.D (UK)

Students Affairs
Controller Students Affairs
Mr. Sohail Fazil Usmani M.A (Islamic Studies),
M.A (Islamic History),
M.A (Urdu),
M.A (Pol.Sc.),

Centre for Continuing Engineering Education
Director Continuing Engineering Education
Engr. Syed Anis-ul Qadr

Medical Department
Principal Medical Officer 
Dr. Jawed Kamal M.B.B.S., R.M.P.
Senior Medical Officer 2216
Dr. Mariam Alam M.B.B.S., R.M.P.
Medical Officer
Dr. Aurangzeb Arshad Hussain M.B.B.S., R.M.P.

Directorate of Industrial Liaison
Director Industrial Liaison  
2274, 2218, 99261260
Engr. Shahrukh BE (Mech)


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